Just Bought A Multifamily Rental Unit? Get More Money By Adding These Amenities

Have you purchased a multi-family living building and you want to create a lucrative rental property that everyone wants to lease? You have to invest some time and money into making your rental property stand out from the others. There are some features that you can add to your building that will make it a top list on potential leaser's list. Your renters want convenience, they want to feel safe, and they want to have space.

3 Must-Have Insurance Products For Your Shipping Company

With more than 70% of the nation's freight being moved by truck, opting to start your own shipping company could be a lucrative move. Purchasing semi trucks and hiring responsible drivers is important, but you must also invest in the right insurance products if you want your shipping company to be a success. Commercial truck insurance products are designed to protect both you and your clients as you move freight over the road.

3 Types & Forms of Belly Dance

No form of dance quite captivates the sensual movements of the human body quite like belly dancing does. A belly dancer has to have incredible control over isolated areas of the body, and be able to keep the percussion rhythm with every step he or she takes. In the past, most belly dancers were female slaves or harem girls, which is why there is so much sexuality attached to this form of dance as well.

Want To Keep These Things Private? Store Them At A Storage Facility

Renting a storage unit to store your possessions is something that will make your life easier in a number of ways. While you might predominantly store old furniture, off-season clothing, and maybe even some family heirlooms, access to a self-storage unit also gives you the ability to store things that you wish to keep private. For example, instead of keeping them at home where prying eyes may detect them, you can transport them to your storage unit and count on them remaining private.

Vital Details To Include When Selling A Used Ham Radio Online

Whether you previously enjoyed the hobby of working with ham radios but no longer have time for it or you're dealing with the estate of a recently deceased loved one and he or she had a ham radio, you may wish to sell this device. Instead of selling it at an upcoming garage sale, where there will be a limited market, it's ideal to post the item for sale online. This way, the ham radio will be exposed to more prospective buyers, which should give you a better chance of receiving your asking price.