Precision Excavating Without Damaging Anything Under The Surface

Excavating an area that may have infrastructure under the surface must be done carefully to ensure no damage occurs to pipes, wires, or other items under the surface. Hydro vac excavating is an excellent option in these situations and allows the soil to be removed around items in the ground quickly and precisely. 

Hydro Vac Excavating

The hydro vac excavating uses high-pressure water to loosen the soil for removal and an oversized vacuum system to remove the soil. The dirt and the water are stored in the tank on the vacuum truck and can be dumped somewhere on the site, making it available for reuse when it is time to backfill the hole. 

The operator can control the water pressure while working in a hole to remove only the soil that needs to come out, and with adjustments to the nozzle, precision soil removal is possible. If you only need a small amount of material removed, you don't need to open up a large area with hydro vac excavating.

Hydro vac excavating also reduces the damage to the grass around the hole because it eliminates the need for large equipment like an excavator driving over the surface. In areas with sensitive infrastructure under the surface, equipment weight can be an issue, so the truck used in the process can be parked away from the hole to ensure no extra weight is added.

Hydro Vac Operation

Another advantage of hydro vac excavation is that one person can operate the truck if necessary. Once the truck is set up and running, the operator controls the water pressure and the vacuum function from the end of the arm used in the hole. The water and vacuum lines run along a boom that supports the lines. The boom arm minimizes heavy lifting during the excavating process, making it easier to operate and guide into the best position for soil removal. 

The advantage for the customer is that there is less destruction to the property, so the area is left looking good after the work is complete. Additionally, one operator on a truck means more trucks in the field, allowing the hydro vac excavating company to respond faster to customers in need.  

If a septic service needs a line uncovered but can't use a heavy machine on the property, getting a hydro vac truck to them quickly can allow for faster repairs, benefiting the customer and the contractor. If the soil that comes out of the hole is not needed for backfill, it can be hauled away and dumped, and the truck can then move on to the next job faster than an excavator can be loaded and moved to a new job site. 

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