Employment Assistance: Three Benefits Of Using A Staffing Agency To Find Employees

Staffing agencies provide employment assistance by connecting qualified job seekers with businesses looking to hire. However, the main purpose of a staffing agency is to assist businesses and companies in filling their employee gaps.

Staffing agencies are responsible for the following:

  • Collecting and reviewing resumes
  • Shortlisting qualified job seekers from the pool of many applicants
  • Arranging interviews
  • Send the best qualified and experienced candidates to you

Some employers do not see the point of hiring a staffing agency. Besides, they can conduct the above activities on their own. However, hiring a staffing agency provides several benefits to an employer.

Thus, if you are an employer, here are three reasons you should consider hiring a staffing agency to help you find qualified employees.

1. Save Money  

When looking for employees, most employers prefer to advertise the open job position using various media such as:

  • Fliers
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Public noticeboards
  • Online Platforms

However, placing advertisements on such media costs money. Thus, you end up spending thousands of dollars advertising a job position.

But if you use a staffing agency to find employees, you get to save money. For instance, most people seeking employment submit their resumes to staffing agencies. As a result, staffing agencies have hundreds or even thousands of people in their databases waiting to find work.

Hence, a staffing agency can provide access to potential employees much faster and at a lower cost than advertising. Thus, using a staffing agency eliminates the need to spend money on advertising your open job positions.

2. Save Time

Reviewing resumes is a lot of work, especially if many candidates apply for the job(s). For instance, if your business or company receives hundreds of resumes from applicants seeking employment, it may take days or weeks to go through them. Hence, you may neglect some of your business duties to make time to review the resumes.

Furthermore, even if you assign the resume reviewing task to some of your employees, they will have to put aside their duties to take on the task. Thus, your business risks poor productivity due to the diversion of the employees from their work obligations to review resumes.

Hiring a staffing agency is advisable to avoid such inconveniences. Staffing agencies use applicant tracking software to help them review the thousands of resumes they receive. Hence, using a staffing agency can help you reduce the time it takes to review resumes and find a suitable candidate to hire.

3. Get Top Tier Employees

One of the main benefits of hiring a staffing agency is getting qualified and experienced employees. Typically, when you enlist the services of a staffing agency, they comb through their database to find the most suitable candidate for the job position.

Thus, they will pick candidates who meet the job qualifications and have experience performing the job duties. Therefore, you don't need to spend time or money training the candidate(s) to handle the responsibilities of the job position. 

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