Why Toilet Drops Are a Better Choice Than Bathroom Spray

Masking the odor that you create when you move your bowels shows respect for those around you. Whether you're at home, at work, or at a friend's house, you don't want to leave telltale odors behind after you use the toilet. If you're keen on masking your odor, you might be thinking about buying a can of bathroom spray that you can shoot in the air once you've done your business. Another option is to use a bottle of toilet drops, which you place directly onto the toilet water. Here are some reasons that toilet drops are better than bathroom spray.

They're More Discreet

If you're thinking about masking the odor that results from going to the bathroom, discretion is obviously important to you. Toilet drops offer considerably more discretion than bathroom spray. When you use the latter product, there will be an audible sound when you press the spray button on the can. Anyone who is near the bathroom will likely hear this sound, which leaves little doubt about what you've been doing in the bathroom. Toilet drops, meanwhile, make no sound, which allows you to use them without alerting nearby people.

They're More Portable

Toilet drop bottles tend to be small, making them convenient to carry with you. If you want the bathroom to smell fresh when you leave it, regardless of where you are, it's easy to slip a bottle of toilet drops in your jacket pocket or purse when you leave the house. Cans of bathroom spray are much larger in size, which means that it's not necessarily practical to travel with this product. A can is too large to reasonably fit in your pocket and could take up the majority of space in your purse.

Their Scent Is Gentler

If you've ever entered a bathroom after someone has used a can of bathroom spray, you might have been shocked by the strength of the odor in this space. Some bathroom sprays can be exceptionally potent in their smell, and even one single press of the can's button can dispense a considerable amount of the spray. While the smell can effectively mask odors in this room, it can potentially be unpleasant for those who enter the room afterward — especially if you leave the door closed so that the smell is trapped. The scent of toilet drops tend to be gentler and thus more pleasant, but still effective enough to mask your odor after using the toilet.

For more information on toilet drop ins, contact a specialist.