Answers To 5 Blockout Banner Questions

If you are in the market for new signage and banners for your business, the number of choices can be overwhelming when it comes to materials. Blockout banner media material could be a good solution for all of your banner needs.

1. What Is a Blockout Banner?

Blockout banner material is highly opaque. This means that light doesn't shine through it, thus negating any washout that would occur to the printed design due to light bleed. The result is a highly visible banner that shows colors true to those selected, as opposed to the faded and harder to read printing and designs typically found on banners that aren't made of blackout material.

2. Are There Material Options?

There are three main types of blockout banners. Paper blockout banners are made of recycled materials that are treated with waterproof and protective coatings. These are suitable for indoor use. Fabric blockout banners are made of polyester materials and have a texture similar to a very thick flag. This allows for some movement, which is desired for some types of banners and signs. Vinyl blockout banners use thick vinyl and are most similar to the traditional banners that do not provide blockout capabilities. 

3. Can The Banner Be Double Sided?

One of the prime benefits of a blockout banner is you can have it printed on both the front and back without any worry about the images and print showing through due to light bleed. This is especially useful if you are printing banners for places that are visible on both sides, such as to hang on street lights or to string between two poles in front of your business. 

4. Will the Material Withstand Outdoor Use?

With the exception of blockout paper, which is made for indoor use only, blockout banners can be used outside. Fabric banners must be well anchored on top and bottom to prevent fraying, while vinyl banners are a bit more durable and better suited for direct wind, sun, and rain exposure. The thicker the material, the more weather-resistant the banner. 

5. Are There Size Constraints?

There are some size constraints. The banner can be as long as desired. The width of the banner is limited to the width of the material roll. 

Contact a sign shop to learn more about blockout banner media material and how it can help your business. If you need a banner right away, call a local shop and place an order.