Drilling A Well On Your Property

Having a new water well installed on your property can be an upgrade that may offer you substantial benefits in terms of providing the home with a reliable water source that will avoid the hassles and problems that can come with being connected to the local water system.

Avoid Trying To Place The Well Under Trees

Whenever you are preparing to have a water well drilled, you should avoid placing the well near or under trees. This can make it more difficult for the drilling equipment to be maneuvered into position, and it can also contribute to a higher risk of future problems with the well. For example, close proximity to trees can increase the chances of the well suffering from root intrusions. By attempting to place the well a fair distance from any large trees, your new well will be better protected against these hazards.

Choose A Well Storage Tank That Can Accommodate Your Water Needs

Individuals can fail to appreciate that their well system will work by pumping water from the ground into a storage tank. A storage tank that is too small may not be able to provide your home with enough water to meet its needs. This can lead to water pressure issues along with increasing the amount of wear that the pumping system sustains. A larger capacity storage tank will require more excavation work to bury, but a properly sized storage tank can be one of the most important components of your water well. While it can be possible to upgrade this storage tank in the future, it can be a fairly expensive and disruptive upgrade to have to make.

Treat The Water From The Well System

The water that your well provides will still need to be treated to ensure that it is of high quality. Filtering the sediments from the water before it is pumped into the storage tank can significantly improve the quality of the water, but this is not the only treatment that it will need. The water from the well will also benefit from being chlorinated. This can neutralize bacteria and other harmful substances that could potentially be in the water. Fortunately, modern water well systems are designed to support chlorination attachments. Understanding the important benefits and the convenience of chlorinating your home's water can be instrumental in providing your home with the highest quality water possible as soon as the water well has been completely installed.

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