Planning Your Own Funeral

Have you ever wondered how your loved ones would handle your funeral arrangements when you pass away? It is a topic that some individuals find uncomfortable. However, it is worth taking the time to consider how your family will deal with your death. Oftentimes families struggles and may have disagreements about how funeral arrangements are handled. One of the best ways to prevent bickering is to make plans for your funeral before your transition. The following points offer pointers on ways you can achieve this.


Let your loved ones know that you will be planning your own funeral. You should also disclose to them how you intend to have your remains handled. There are many options to choose from. Be prepared for some of your loved ones to counteract your decision. However, it is better to make your plans known while you are alive than have them bickering when you transition.

Personalize It

Think about how you would like for your ceremony to be handled. This could involve deciding who will preside over your funeral service. You might also want to choose speakers. The plans that you make now could change. The goal is to make decisions, and you can alter them in the coming years if needed.

Burial or Cremation

You need to make it clear with your family how you want your remains to be handled. You can have a casket viewing at a funeral home and have your remains cremated after services. You might also choose to have a traditional funeral and burial. Different views on this matter among family members can cause problems. You can prevent the problems by expressing your decision.

Choose a Funeral Home

This is an important portion of the planning process. You will want to choose a funeral home that can meet your expectations. For example, if you are a veteran, you might want to choose a funeral home that is well-known for planning veteran funerals. It is a good idea to go to the funeral home of interest and discuss your plans with them. You can let them know that you are putting your plans into writing and that you have made a decision to let them take care of matters related to your remains. 

Finance It

When pre-planning your funeral, ensure that you keep in mind the costs that will be associated with the funeral. There are a number of costs including selecting a burial plot if you intend to have a traditional funeral. You can estimate these costs and ensure that there are adequate funds available to cover the cost of your funeral. Families often have disputes or struggle to pay for funeral expenses when the deceased has not made proper plans.

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