Support Accessories That Can Be Used With A Lift Chair Recliner

If a loved one has been prescribed bed rest and is slowly recuperating but is still having difficulty remaining steady on their feet, you may be concerned about their ability to sit down on a chair or a couch. A lift chair recliner will provide stability and the option of adjusting the seat's position. In addition to investing in a lift chair furnishing, choose some accessories that will increase support.

A Harness Or A Seatbelt

Some lift chairs come with a built-in harness or seatbelt that will coordinate with the fabric and style of the chair, without hindering a recliner's performance. People who have severe mobility limitations or who have experienced seizures and occasional blackouts will be protected from falling out of their chair with the addition of either of these aids. Shop for a recliner style that includes a fabric safety strap that is designed to wrap around the midsection. Look for a model that contains a fabric overlay that will secure the shoulders, too. 

An Infinite Position Chair

Many lift chair recliner models offer two or three positions for both the headrest and foot section of a chair. If your family member may need a little bit more help getting up when they are finished sitting down, an infinite position chair offers more possibilities. An infinite position chair will tilt forward and backward, and there is the option of fully resting the back of the chair flat against the flooring.

People who need to be carried or who are going to immediately get into bed after sitting in a lift chair may need someone to aid them with each entry or exit. By using a remote control, the back of the chair can be adjusted until it is even with whatever surface a mobility-limited person is being moved from or to. If an injury is going to be a temporary matter and your family member is expected to make a full recovery, they will eventually be able to enter and exit the chair from the front.

A Seat Or Couch Cane

A seat or couch cane resembles a standard cane but will be contained within a holder that slides underneath a furnishing. Choose a cane that will be tall enough for your relative to reach as they are exiting their chair. If you decide to secure the metal frame under the lift chair, make sure that there is plenty of clearance so that the base piece does not interfere with the operation of the chair. Slide the metal frame along one side of the chair and insert the cane within its holder. 

Contact a local lift chair recliner store to learn more about your options.