Helpful Tips For Storing Your CBD Tinctures

You might like the benefits that you get from CBD tinctures, and you might know how to use these products in different ways. What you might not be sure about is whether or not you are storing them properly. Storing and using CBD tinctures is typically pretty easy, but if you are looking for a little bit of advice, consider the points below. Then, you can feel confident that you are storing your CBD products in the best way.

Purchase CBD Tinctures With a Long Shelf Life

If possible, you should purchase your CBD tinctures from a supplier that sells fresh products that still have a long shelf life. Then, if it takes you a while to use up your bottle of tincture, you shouldn't have to worry about it not being fresh and effective. After all, since it usually only takes a couple of drops of these products for you to notice results, you might find that it will take a while for you to use up a whole bottle of tincture, especially if you have purchased a bigger bottle.

Keep Them in a Cool, Dark Place

Next, you should make sure that you keep your CBD tinctures in a cool, dark place if possible. If your CBD tinctures are exposed to high temperatures or sunlight, you have to worry about the product degrading over time. Some people even find that it's best to store their CBD tinctures in the refrigerator.

Rotate Your Tinctures

If you have just purchased a new flavor or type of CBD tincture, you might be interested in trying the new product as soon as possible. However, it is typically best to rotate your CBD tinctures. Basically, this means that you should try to use up your oldest tincture first before using your newer tinctures. Then, you can make sure that you prevent your older tinctures from degrading in quality before you use them.

Consider Putting Some of Your Tincture in a Dropper Bottle

CBD tinctures are sold in different types of bottles. In some cases, you might find that your CBD tincture will already be packaged in a dropper bottle. If this is not the case, then you may want to transfer some of the tincture to a dropper bottle if possible. These bottles can typically work just fine for storing CBD tincture, and you might find that applying a drop or two under your tongue is a whole lot easier if you have a dropper bottle to use for dosing purposes.