Supplying Your Business With Folding Cartons

Cartons are a common type of packaging that businesses will use for their products. However, new businesses can underestimate the various factors that will have to be considered if they are to maximize the results from their investment in folding cartons.

Consider Any Packing Materials When Deciding On A Size For The Cartons

The size of your cartons will be another important consideration. Unfortunately, it is often the case that businesses will fail to consider the amount of space that any padding or other packing materials will need. For those that will be storing expensive electronics or other fragile items in the carton, this is a critical consideration if you are to minimize products being damaged during shipping and while on display. This can be a challenging balancing act as you will also need to avoid making the cartons too large as this could allow the items inside to move around inside the packaging.

Review The Labeling Information Your Product May Require

Depending on the type of products that you will sell in the cartons, there may be a number of pieces of information that you are legally required to put on the exterior of the carton. Failing to properly label the carton can lead to liabilities for the manufacturer, retailer, and a host of complications for the consumers. Luckily, the design of cartons can make it possible to dedicate enough space to meet these labeling requirements while still providing for the logo, name, and other important marketing information that you will want to include on the container.  

Have The Exterior Coated To Protect Any Printing

Unfortunately, the print work on these cartons can be subject to damage as a result of moisture exposure. This can be the case even when the moisture is extremely minimal, such as condensation. Due to this, businesses will have to invest resources to avoid the ink running, fading, or otherwise suffering damage that could make the carton more challenging for individuals to read or less appealing to customers. Luckily, this is not particularly difficult as it can be possible to apply a wax coating to the exterior of the cartons that will protect the printing on them. While this type of coating for the cartons will be more expensive than basic cardboard, it will significantly improve the durability of your packaging. However, there are limits to the effectiveness of this coating, and you should avoid assuming that it will make the packaging completely waterproof. Rather, it will help to make the carton itself somewhat water-resistant.