Stop Renting: 4 Questions To Ask When Buying Your First Shot Blasting Machine

If you're going to invest in a shot blasting machine of your own, make sure you get the right one for the job. Shot blasting machines are an excellent way to ensure a quality finish on your products. They're especially beneficial for finishing flat surfaces and are great for projects where sandblasting isn't an option. If you've never purchased a shot blasting machine before, you need to do your homework. You'll also need to be prepared with some questions when you begin your search for the perfect shot blasting machine. Here are four questions you should ask when buying your first shot blasting machine. 

Is It Strong And Durable? 

If you're going to invest in your first shot blasting machine, you want to choose one that's strong and durable. A good shot blasting machine should be manufactured using wear-resistant materials. This will ensure that your machine won't wear faster than it should. Wear-resistant materials also reduce the amount of maintenance your shot blasting machine will need. As an added benefit, wear-resistant material can also reduce overheating during extended use. 

Does It Have Variable Speeds? 

When it comes to choosing the right shot blasting machine for your operations, you want to make sure that the machine you choose is equipped with variable speed capabilities. The speed you need for your shot blasting machine will be determined by the type of material you're working with. If your machine isn't equipped with variable speed, it might not be able to provide adequate results for all of your projects. This is especially true where delicate materials are involved. Variable speed settings allow for a slower speed when working with any delicate materials. 

Is There An Energy-Saving Motor?

If you're concerned about the environment and maintaining control over your operational budget, make sure you get the right motor for your shot blasting machine. Not all shot blasting machines come with an energy-saving motor, which means you could end up paying more on your energy bills. This is especially true when your shot blasting machine is in use for extended periods of time. To reduce your electric bills, make sure you choose a machine that's equipped with an energy-saving motor. 

Are Automatic Controls Available? 

Finally, if you're looking for a shot blasting machine that's easy to use, be sure to choose one that has automatic controls. Shot blasting machines that are equipped with automatic controls provide onboard monitoring for things like process control, abrasive replenishing, and diagnostic systems. That means you'll have access to everything you need right at your fingertips. Contact a company, such as Unified Technologies Blast Cleaning and Finishing Systems, for more information.