Five Benefits Of An Open Penis Ring

A penis ring can take your sexual pleasure to the next level, from a guaranteed good time to a mind-blowing orgasm. How? Penis rings restrict the blood flow to the shaft of the penis allowing for longer erections. When the penis is flaccid, you simply slip one of these little devices on and let your passion do the rest. But not all penis rings are made equal. The open penis ring has a few extra benefits.

Longer Erection

Like other rings, the open ring is designed to restrict blood flow from the shaft of the penis, allowing you to hold erections for longer and increase the rigidity of the erection. How? Typically the ring fits around the base of the penis, some fit around the testicles as well. It applies pressure to that area causing restricted flow to the blood vessels that carry blood away from the penis. The blood leaves more slowly than normal. Because of this, people with erectile dysfunction can also find real benefits in using a penis ring.

Slower Ejaculation

In addition to a longer erection, an open penis ring can also help you achieve a slower ejaculation, enhancing and elongating your sexual experience and making it last, thanks to its unique design.

Size Flexibility

Unlike other styles of rings, an open penis ring is designed to fit without constriction. One major problem with other designs is that they can become uncomfortable once the erection begins if it doesn't fit properly, squeezing too tightly and cutting off blood circulation. The opening of an open penis ring is designed to allow gently constricted blood flow for differing sizes without restricting complete circulation, though they may still be available in various sizes so try all of them to find the one that fits you the very best.


One real danger of an enclosed penis ring is that it can get stuck once the wearer reaches erection if the ring is too small or made of material that is too rigid. Thanks partly to the versatility with ring sizes and also due to the open design that allows the user comfort and the ability to remove the ring no matter what happens, an open ring design is incredibly safe and doesn't carry the risks of some other ring designs.

Fun for Female Partners Too

Another major benefit of a ring is that it's great for a female partner too. Even though the ring benefits its wearer in multiple ways, its design and the friction that results also creates an unforgettable experience on the female partner's anatomy.

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