A Durable Collar With A Unique Story

Dog collars often crack or tear after extended wear. This is usually due to the fact that many fabrics aren't designed to withstand moisture or routine cleaning and drying in a washing machine and dryer. Because your furry friend is prone to running off, if their collar becomes separated from their neck and leash, you may have been limiting the number of places that you and your pet frequent while taking walks. Purchase a repurposed collar made out of fire hose material for your dog and you will never need to worry about the collar becoming worn out—plus, the neck gear will come with a unique story.

Hoses Contain Dual Layers And Are Sanitized

Fire hoses consist of a woven layer of fabric and an inner core that is made of rubber. These two layers prevent leaks and protect a hose from the sun's rays. Before a dog collar is manufactured from a hose that is no longer in commission, the two layers that a hose is constructed of are removed from the metal fitting that a hose is attached to.

The fabric is separated and sanitized. A fire hose is rather wide in diameter, allowing a manufacturer to design many products from a single piece of rubber. Besides dog collars, other products are designed from the same material. These may include wallets, handbags, and pet toys.

Less Waste And An Interesting Background Are Beneficial

People have been wasting resources and tossing just about anything that you can think of in the trash. Firemen's hoses were no different than standard waste items up until several years ago. Hoses would be used for years, and once they were deemed as damaged, old, or dirty, they were placed inside of a trash bin and new hoses were purchased. Since each fire hose contains a lot of fabric, it doesn't make sense to waste these valuable resources.

Someone came up with the idea of recycling hoses and creating useful products. And since most pet owners are in need of collars for their animals, it can be beneficial to both the manufacturer and the end user to recycle and purchase hose products.

After you buy a fire hose collar, you may find that your purchase comes with a note that describes how the hose was utilized before a piece of it was used to make the collar. Take pride in this story and share it with others, since many of your peers or loved ones may also be interested in purchasing things like a fire hose dog collar.