Recruiting People For General Laborer Work: How This Business Operates

There are temp agencies for all kinds of professionals, but did you know that there are recruiting temp agencies for general laborers' jobs, too? This is a particularly lucrative business since contractors of all kinds are always looking for extra workers at an affordable price. If you are thinking about starting a business that recruits and hires temporary general laborers, here is how this business operates. 

Open Your Doors, and Have the Appropriate Business Insurance and Licensing

Most of the temp agencies and recruiting agencies that exist have some sort of licensing and business insurance. Make sure you have both before you open your doors and begin collecting both clients and willing laborers. The insurance will protect your business in the event of lawsuits or damage caused by a temp worker, and the licensing establishes your business as a legitimate temp agency. 

Get Some Workers Before You Get Clients

You would think that getting clients first would be the right way to prioritize, but really, who can you send to work for your clients if you have not recruited laborers already? Make sure your laborers are documented immigrants or citizens and residents of the U.S. Check their references. If they do not have references who can attest to the skills these workers say they have, do not hire them. It is much too risky for your company to hire people who claim that they know how to use things like table saws and not verify that they actually can use them. Skill demonstrations are another way to verify that potential new hires know what they are doing if they do not have enough references. (You will need a number of tools and tasks on hand if you want to verify skills this way.) 

A "pool" of about forty to fifty people is a good enough start while you begin collecting clients. Advertise with flyers, and send the flyers to all of the local contractors. Offer something like a one-time hiring bargain for first-time consumers to get the ball rolling. 

Hire More Laborers When You Start Accumulating More Clients

When the ball really gets rolling and you have accumulated enough clients looking for laborers, start hiring more laborers. Your clients pay your required fees, and you pay the workers when they turn in their weekly work cards. (The cards must list hours worked, and they must be signed by the contractors they worked for in order to get paid.) The more clients you have needing laborers, and the more laborers you have working for you, the more profit you make.