Why Telephone Interpreters May Be Better Than In-House Personnel

If you work in an industry that requires you to regularly communicate with international clients or partners, you have to determine whether you want bilingual staff to communicate with them or if you want to work with a telephone interpreter service. Here are a few things to consider as you explore the options with a telephone interpreter service for your business.

Service in Many Languages

Especially if your international presence is growing, a telephone interpreter service may be a better way for you to go. As you add clients in other countries, that's going to mean having to expand your staff and find employees fluent in those languages. That's not always an easy task.

Working with a telephone interpreter service will give you access to interpreters who speak many different languages, allowing you to communicate with clients and partners in many different countries without delay.

Flexible Schedules

Working in an international environment means working all sorts of hours due to the time differences between countries. This can be difficult to accommodate with in-house staff, especially if you have only one person on staff that speaks the language.

A telephone interpreter service eliminates the stress and strain of making sure you have someone on hand at the proper times. The call center environment of a telephone interpreter service typically operates around the clock, so you'll always have someone available when you need it.

No Contractual Obligations

When you hire in-house personnel to serve as your interpreters, you may have an employment contract and other similar commitments. This can be a burden for your business if that individual doesn't work out.

There are no contracts required with a telephone interpreter service. You'll only pay for the services that you use, and you're not bound to any specific usage requirements. This will ultimately save you money, stress, and hassle.

Eliminates the Distraction Factor

A telephone interpreter's sole job is to sit on the phone and provide translation and interpreter services. They aren't in your meeting room with you, so there's no issue with the distractions of meetings, people moving around, and other similar issues that you might run into with in-house staff. Your interpreter will be clearly focused on the task at hand, ensuring accuracy and timely service.

As you can see, it's in your best interest to work with a service that provides telephone interpreting instead of hiring multilingual staff, especially as your business is growing. Contact a service such as Global Interpreting Network Inc to see what your options are.