What You Need To Know Before You Rent A U-Haul Or Other Moving Truck

You want to rent a U-Haul truck or other type of moving vehicle, but you aren't sure if you're ready for the adventure. You have never driven a vehicle this large before and you aren't sure what size of truck you need.

Use this guide to help you determine what you need in a moving truck rental as well as learn how to prepare for your rental before you sign a contract. This way, you know what to expect and aren't surprised by your rental process.

Know when and how long you need your rental

Many moving truck rental companies will charge you for the mileage you put on a vehicle. However, the length of time you need a moving truck can affect the rental price as well. You need to know when you need a truck rental, how many trucks you need, where you will be picking your rental up at and where you will be returning the unit so you can get an accurate quote for services.

If you aren't sure when you need your rental truck, reserve a wider space so you can ensure one will be available on the date you pick the unit up. You may have to prepay for your rental, so if your plans change in any way, contact your truck rental company for a refund or to change your rental dates.

Know the size of truck you need

Do you need a full rental van that you can drive, a larger truck for all your moving needs, or a pull-behind that you can use as a trailer for your equipment? Your U-Haul truck rental professional will show you the many trucks, vans, and other moving equipment they have available to help you make your decision based on what you're moving. You will also have to take into consideration your vehicle's hauling abilities: some vehicles have limitations as to how much weight they can pull and a rental company will not rent to you if you don't have a vehicle that can safely haul trailers or other pull-behind moving vehicles.

Know other moving items you need

You can rent or buy moving boxes, dollies, and other equipment to help make your move more successful. Make a list of the moving things you need before you make a rental request at your local truck rental facility. You can work out the details of your move with your moving specialist.