Just Bought A Multifamily Rental Unit? Get More Money By Adding These Amenities

Have you purchased a multi-family living building and you want to create a lucrative rental property that everyone wants to lease? You have to invest some time and money into making your rental property stand out from the others. There are some features that you can add to your building that will make it a top list on potential leaser's list. Your renters want convenience, they want to feel safe, and they want to have space. Here are some of the things you can do to create these things for them.

Add Storage

Is there are a basement, old crawl space, or any area where they can store the items they don't use full time? If not, you want to add something. This could be small storage units that are built on the back of the building that has locking systems, spaces in the garage or overhead parking, or in the basement. If you have a basement, make sections with fencing and gate doors to divide equal areas for each unit.

Have Laundry

Have laundry appliances on the property, so they don't have to leave to wash their clothes. You can easily put coin-operated equipment on the property, to make it easier to pay for the maintenance and the extra utilities that are used. The equipment will have different options for size, how much each load costs and more. This could be a very attractive feature for some renters.

Use a Locked Main Door

For everyone's safety, you want to keep people out of the main door. Although it is convenient to have a key code entry, you don't want any of the renters giving out codes, because then multiple people may be able to get into the main door. Instead, require that everyone have a key that cannot be copied for the main door, so only the renters can enter.

Classified ads are often flooded with rental properties, but when people see that you have great security, a laundry option in the unit, and also storage for their miscellaneous items, they will be lining up to take a look at the units. Not only will you be able to draw in more renters, but you will also be able to charge more rent for the units. This means more money is coming in, and a steady stream of money with people waiting to rent out the multifamily units. 

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