Storage Facility Features To Carefully Review

Every storage facility has something different to offer, and the quality of those features can vary in strange ways. Depending on what you need to store, you could ignore some features while having high demand in others. Here are a few features and inspection points to make sure you're getting what you need from storage facilities across the country.

Air Cleanliness Features

If your belongings need to be as dust-free as possible and free from humidity, an air conditioning system is the bare minimum. Although air conditioning is available at most indoor storage facilities, it's important to note that outdoor storage sheds and a few older storage facilities don't have air conditioning. Despite it being common, make sure to check for working air conditioning.

Even if the facility advertises air conditioning, an inspection needs to take place for filter and general air quality. You don't have to do much, and it's understandable if staff won't let you get too far behind secure business property, but you should at least confirm that the filters are changed regularly and not damaged.

A step up from air conditioning features are dedicated air filtering systems. These filters should be installed for the specific unit rather than central air cleaning, and you should be able to check the filters yourself. If the filters are overhead, ask to see the filters before leasing.

Data And Physical Security Features

Locks and security cameras are staples of storage facilities. You often have to provide any locks not attached to a doorknob assembly on your own, but cameras should have decent quality and recording options.

It's not unheard of for a business to have security cameras that aren't actually working. Cameras act as a good deterrent for casual thieves, but a career criminal who checks for security weaknesses will eventually figure out the lapse in camera coverage and have an easier time stealing your belongings.

Pick a specific day and time to walk around and stand in view of the cameras. Go to the management later and ask to see footage from that day and time to find out if the cameras are actually recording or if they facility provides stock footage.

If high security is a must and you'd rather stop thieves instead of having an easier time catching them, you should look for storage facilities with dedicated security personnel. Such facilities usually cost more, but are necessary if your belongings are valuable--and that risk increases if your fellow customers have high valuables in storage as well. It's too tempting for criminals not to try.

Contact a storage facility manager to discuss features for price and quality comparison.