Save Your Belongings: When You Need To Figure Out A Self Storage Option

If you find yourself needing to move in a hurry, it's important to get your belongings stored right away. Whether you are trying to get away from a bad relationship, or you can no longer stay where you are living, finding the right storage facility to keep your belongings will help. You'll have to figure out what size unit to rent, and this will depend on how large your current living situation is and how much stuff you need to store. A 10 x 10 storage unit will give you enough space for the belongings in a two bedroom apartment, and you can adjust the size you need according to how much you are going to pack away.

Get Rid of Items You Don't Use

While you want to save your belongings, it's important to only save those items that you will be using in the future. If you are moving to a smaller place, think about the furniture you can sell or donate. There's no point of storing items you aren't going to use in the future, even if you have enough storage space to do so. If your move is done quickly. you may not have the time to decide what to keep and what to throw away.

Rent a Bigger Unit than You Think You Need

Nothing is worse than packing up a storage unit, only to discover that it isn't large enough. The cost of renting two units is going to be higher than renting a unit that is large enough in the first place. In addition, trying to cram all of your belongings into one unit is going to make your stuff hard to unpack. You'll want a little room in your unit so that you can organize your items, and keep your most important things right in the front of the storage unit.

Stay On Top of Rental Payments

Pay attention to the contract that you sign. When you rent a storage unit, you have to stay on top of your monthly payments. If you don't keep your payments current, you will leave the facility with no choice but to auction off your belongings. When you take the time to store your items in the first place, make sure that you pay your storage fees and provide a working phone number to the storage facility.

When you need to move fast, finding the right storage will help you get through this difficult time.