Making Your Business More Noticeable With Architectural Signs

Architectural signs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and they're a great creative way to make your business more noticeable. Often, people look to the sign on the outside as an indicator of what is going on inside the business or how well its employees are doing their job. Architectural signage is more artistic and individualistic than other types of signage, so there are more design possibilities.

What is architectural signage and how is it different than other signs?

Architectural signage is more than simply a sign; it can be considered a decorative addition to the building in which your business resides. These signs frequently complement and reinforce your brand's image. In addition to outdoor signage for your business, you may have seen them used for way-finding on large properties, such as college campuses and hospitals. They can be used both inside and outside your building, including on or over windows.

How can they help businesses?

Since they are more than a simple sign, there's a lot more leeway on their design. A lot of flexibility and creativity is involved in making these signs, so you can have one created specifically to match the personality of your business. That means you can make them big and bold, incorporate your logo into their design, or even integrate your own artwork and photos. You can use architectural signage to advertise sales, specific brands, or merchandise.

How long do they last?

These signs can be temporary, interchangeable, or permanent depending on what purpose they're being used for and what materials are used. Those that are outside are exposed to weather outdoors and are subject to needing an occasional repair or touch-up. Signs with internal lighting may be prone to fading if you don't choose the right materials. Likewise, indoor signage near fountains, in sunny areas, or in high traffic areas may also be subject to wear. Work with your sign designer to pick out materials that will last the longest and look the best in the areas where the sign will be located. With proper planning, your sign should last as long as you're in business, until your promotion is over, or until you feel you need a change.

Architectural signage is more than a simple sign—it can represent your company's entire brand. With this type of signage, you have a lot more flexibility on the design so that it will stand out better and last as long as you need it. If you need to have a sign created, talk to a professional sign maker to discuss ideas on what kind of sign will work best for your business. To learn more, contact a company like Unity Signs.