3 Questions To Ask When Selecting An Urn

As part of the pre-planning process, you can choose to buy the urn for your ashes now. Selecting your urn now takes the responsibility from your grieving family and ensures that the urn is reflective of your personality and life. If you are selecting an urn, here are some questions to ask yourself.  

What Is the Purpose of the Urn?

Before you start your search for an urn, think about what the purpose of it is. Some people plan for their ashes to be displayed in the urn, while others intend for it to be a temporary storage container until they are scattered.  

Determining the purpose is important. If you want your ashes scattered, the appearance of the urn might not be as important, which could mean savings on the urn. However, if the urn is to be displayed, you likely want one that is attractive and durable.  

Are You Buying or Renting?

Some funeral homes offer urns to rent for the duration of the memorial service. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider renting one. If you are leaving the responsibility of selecting an urn to your family, you can still order a rental that can be used until the custom ordered one has arrived.  

If you are renting an urn, you still need to select the one you want to use. In addition to checking the funeral home for rentals, you should also look online for rental services.  

What Materials Are Best?

Urns are made from various materials, and each type has its own advantages that you should consider before making your final selection. One of the material decisions you have to make is deciding if you want an urn that is biodegradable or permanent.  

A biodegradable urn decomposes over time and will release your remains to the ground naturally. Biodegradable urns are typically made of materials, such as rock salt, coconut shell, and bamboo. By contrast, permanent urns are usually made of stone and do not decompose.  

If you are planning to have your ashes scattered, the material you choose should also be lightweight and durable. For instance, you could have an urn that is composed of a fabric that can be easily moved by your family.  

Talk to the funeral home director at a funeral home like Los Angeles Funeral Service about other options you have available for choosing an urn. If you decide now which urn is right for you, you can avoid placing the weight of the decision on your family.