The Things That Lurk In Your Office Carpet

Having carpet throughout your office space can contribute to the comfort of your employees- but only if this carpet is maintained properly. While investing in commercial carpet cleaning might seem like an unnecessary expense if there are no visible stains on your office's carpets, it's important to recognize that professional cleaners remove more than mere stains.

Here are some things that might be lurking in your office carpet that can be removed by a professional cleaner in the future.

1. Dirt and Dust

If you think that regular vacuuming is keeping your office carpets dirt-free, you should think again. Statistics show that a vacuum only has the ability to remove 90% to 95% of the dry soils that are tracked in on the shoes of your employees. Over time, the remaining dirt and dust can contribute to poor air quality within your office environment.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner to deep clean your carpets is the only way to completely remove any dirt or dust that might be lurking within them.

2. Bacteria

Few people think of their carpets when considering the surfaces in an office building that could be harboring germs, but your carpets could be a breeding ground for germs with the ability to make your employees sick.

Research shows that there are about 200,000 bacteria per square inch lurking within your carpet. This means that your carpet could be up to 4,000 times grosser than the toilets in your restrooms. Professional carpet cleaners have access to industrial-grade chemicals that can effectively kill off the bacteria living in your carpets.

Investing in regular carpet cleaning will not only keep your office looking nice, but it will contribute to the overall health of your workforce as well.

3. Mold

Mold thrives in a moist environment, and your carpets could be providing the type of environment needed to promote mold growth. Any moisture that is present within the air of your office has the potential to sink deep within your carpets and find its way into the padding beneath.

When combined with the dirt particles found in carpets, the potential for unseen mold growth in office carpets is profound. Regular professional carpet cleanings can help remove any moisture from your carpet and carpet pads before mold has time to set in.

When you take the time to recognize the many things that could be lurking in your office carpet, it's easy to see why investing in professional carpet cleaning like H & L Janitorial Service on a regular basis is wise.