Tips For Using Your Company's Mailing Labels As A Marketing Tool

As a small business owner, you need to capitalize on every marketing and branding opportunity available to you. One of the things that many entrepreneurs undervalue is the opportunity to brand your business with your mailing labels. When you have custom labels created for your shipping department, you can ensure that everyone who handles your mail along its route will see and eventually remember your business. Here are a few ideas to help you create well-branded mailing labels for your company.

Put a focus on your brand identity. While it's tempting to just print your company's name on the mailing labels, that leaves it up to the people handling the package to actually read all of the information on the package. If you want to be sure that your brand is visible to everyone, add your company logo as well. The graphic will often catch attention faster than the text, and it will help to build greater brand recognition over time. Prospective customers need to see your company name or product many times before they actually remember and think of your business, so the more visible your brand identity is on the label, the better.

Make it big, bold and bright. When taking mail out of the mailbox, all of the white envelopes tend to blur together, making it easy for things to get lost in the mix. If you want your company's marketing mailers to stand out in that mix, you need to choose bright, colorful envelopes and contrasting labels. You can get the same benefit from custom shapes, like labels that are shaped similar to your products or your company's logo. Opting for things like this will help your materials stand out among all of the traditional mailing envelopes that customers may see. You can do the same with shipping boxes for really unique packages.

Include actionable information. Especially when you're mailing out pitches and other important information, you want to be sure that your envelopes aren't overlooked. Put a call to action, business slogan or even social media account information on the label. The encouragement to engage with your company may be enough to get a prospective buyer's attention and interest in your mailing.

With information like this, you can create custom business labels that not only make your business recognizable but also encourage prospective customers and partners to read the documents you send. Marketing is a key component of any company's success, so the more proactive you can be with things like these labels, the more you'll get from your efforts. Check out sites like for more information about label options.