Sold Some Unframed Artwork? Tips To Get It Packaged So It Arrives Undamaged

If you have sold some of your artwork, the last thing you want to have happen is for it to arrive to your customer damaged. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ensure your artwork is in pristine condition when it arrives at its new home. Keep reading to learn how you can do this.

Small Rolled Artwork

If you have small artwork you are shipping, you should consider using small mailing tubes. You can find these tubes in different sized diameters and lengths. Purchase a heavy duty mailing tube that has plastic end caps. Purchase another tube that is of a smaller diameter than the first tube.

To keep your artwork protected, place a piece of acid-free paper on top of the artwork and on the back so the artwork is sandwiched between the paper. Make sure the paper completely covers your artwork. Roll the artwork around the smaller tube so it has inner support. Next, roll a piece of bubble wrap around your artwork. This will seal out any moisture, and will give your artwork a padding. Tape the bubble wrap around the tube so it holds in place.

Place the smaller diameter tube inside the larger diameter tube. If you have any extra space, you can fill it in using bubble wrap. Do this carefully, however, as you do not want to damage the edges of the artwork. Put the end caps on the tube and seal them with packing tape. You can now address the tube and ship it. You should add the world "fragile" on the tube somewhere.

Flat Artwork

If you want to ship your artwork flat, you need pieces of cardboard and packing tape. Put acid free paper on the front and the back of the artwork. Purchase some cardboard triangles that are made to protect the corners of artwork, and put one triangle on each corner. You can find these cardboard triangles at a company that sells shipping supplies.

Put two pieces of cardboard on the top of the artwork, and two pieces of cardboard on the other side. This will prevent the artwork from bending. Use packing tape to tape the cardboard pieces together making sure cardboard is secure so it will not come open during shipment,

If you are not sure you are doing any of this correctly, contact a shipment company to help you get your artwork packaged in the right way.

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