4 Types Of Jobs Where A Stand-Up Desk Is A Must

Stand-up desks are all the rage in office culture across the country, with many workers becoming attuned to the damage that sitting in a chair all day (not to mention your seated commute, too) can do to your body. That said, certain professions lend themselves very well to these style of desks, making them pretty much necessities for success, and they can even improve how your customers perceive you, too. In order to protect your health and grow your business, here are four types of jobs that necessitate a stand-up desk. 

Physical Therapist/Personal Trainer

Any sort of job where you're actively promoting the physical health of your customers is perfectly suited for a stand up desk, since this seemingly small upgrade can have a positive impact on your customers by leading by example. It's hard to impress upon your customers the benefits of standing and staying somewhat active all day if you're slouched over a seated desk while giving such advice. 

Software Developer

Thousands of lines of code and endless hours of typing can mean that software developers might be bearing more of the brunt of a seated day at the office. Plus, many software development professionals often make showing off programs a big part of the job, so something like a stand up desk with castors can be extra helpful to show a whole room full of people your latest creation. 

Freelance Writer/Author

If there's one rule about freelancing and authoring, it's that there are no rules, especially when it comes to hours. Some freelancers can work far more than the commonly accepted standard of eight hours per day, especially when a really good book plot twist is brewing or an actionable and engaging blog post comes to mind. For times like these, when the stress of sitting can't be a factor, a standing desk is the answer, which will inevitably save your back, neck, and other body parts from the damage caused by sitting down for extended periods. 

Graphic Designer

Much like freelancers, graphic designers tend to march to the beat of their own drum when it comes to working hours, making the switch to a standing desk a necessity. Another bonus is that a stand-up desk is great for collaboration, since there' no hunching over involved with showing someone else what you've been working on in all its glory, and like with software designers, you can easily show a whole room a new design if you get a desk with wheels. 

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